Hot House Sessions 2016/17

These highly intensive, specialist batting coaching sessions; delivered by Gary Palmer; are on offer to current Palmer Cricket Academy Senior players. These sessions complement the current Academy winter program.

The sessions will be limited to a maximum of 12 players who will have access to 4 nets and 4 bowling machines at Cheam School, the location of the Palmer Cricket Academy.

Cost is £560 for either Hot House Playing Pace or Hot House Playing Spin (if you book both hot houses the price is discounted to £1000). All sessions are from 10:00am until 4:00pm at Cheam School (Near Newbury) unless stated otherwise.

To book a place please contact Gary Palmer on 07815 081744 or Email Gary.

Session content:
  • Batting for prolonged periods of time
  • Hit a high volume of balls via repetition using bowling machines
  • Construct and fine tune technique focussing on attention to detail
  • Learning to maintain technique against all angles
  • Challenge technique against different types of swing/ spin types
  • Challenge and maintain technique under pressure
  • Constantly challenge the Technical, Tactical, Mental & Physical side of batting
  • Learn how to service your own technique and become self-sufficient
  • Learn how to practice & prepare like the professionals do

These sessions are a must for young players who have aspirations of playing for their University, County, County Academy or National teams and will teach you the science of technical batting excellence to help you enhance your performance.

I have coached a number of county and International cricketers in the form of specialist batting coaches. I am totally confident that we can improve you as cricketers and can help you get to the next level.

Hot House Playing Pace
Session Day Date Venue
1 Sun 18th December 2016 Cheam School
2 Tues 3rd January 2017 (Rearranged for 30th May) Cheam School
2 Mon 27th March 2017 Cheam School
3 Sun 16th April 2017 Palmer Batting Lab
4 Tues 30th May 2017 (Revised date from 3rd Jan) Palmer Batting Lab

Hot House Playing Spin
Session Day Date Venue
1 Mon 19th December 2016 Cheam School
2 Weds 4rd January 2017 (Rearranged for 31st May) Cheam School
2 Tues 28th March 2017 Cheam School
3 Sun 23rd April 2017 Palmer Batting Lab
4 Weds 31st May 2017 (Revised date from 3rd Jan) Palmer Batting Lab


Cheam School
Headley, Newbury
Berkshire, RG19 8LD


Palmer Batting Lab
Worton Park (South Car Park)
Yarnton Road, Cassington
Oxon, OX29 4SU